Assessing and financing projects with an impact on the marine environment

For the protection and the restoration of the ocean to combat climate change and biodiversity loss

We connect verified projects*
that protect and restore the marine environment with organizations willing to support them

* According to international or internal EverSea protocols

All EverSea marine impact projects follow a common path

Sourcing marine impact projects
Simplifying contacts between marine project developers and investors
Measuring the environmental impact of marine projects
Specific financing arrangements for marine projects
Historicizing and securing project data
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EverSea commitment to the oceans

EverSea is the first digital platform to offer a digitized impact assessment process for marine projects based on robust scientific protocols and technologies. Our expertise is based on 3 components:

Blue Finance

Expertise in financing mechanisms and procedures specific to marine projects, depending on the type of investor (carbon credits, impact investments, biodiversity contributions, etc.).

Impact Measurement

We scientifically measure the impact of projects on the marine environment, particularly in terms of biodiversity and carbon, using EverSea’s own processes and tools (AI and imagery).

Security and Transparency

We use blockchain to ensure that impact measurements and credits are unique, secure and transparent.

For project developers

Selective Finance Roadmap

Access to new blue financing mechanisms for your marine protection projects.

Putting you in touch with investors

We offer project leaders visibility with private investors, companies and foundations.

Measuring the impact of your project

We enable you to measure and certify your impact on the marine environment so that you can make the most of it.

All projects supported by EverSea are certified according to internal or international protocols.

Nestled along the picturesque Maryland coast, a remarkable project......

35 000 tCO2e

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