Conservation of Blue Carbon and Biodiversity in Salt Marshes

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Maryland, USA

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12 janvier 2015 - 28 août 2025

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Nestled along Maryland’s picturesque coastline, a remarkable salt marsh conservation project is in full swing, providing hope for both the environment and local communities. This innovative Blue Carbon initiative focuses on preserving and revitalising precious salt marsh ecosystems. By implementing various measures, such as reducing nutrient inputs from sewage and agriculture, the project effectively protects these coastal havens. In addition, artificial barriers are removed to re-establish natural tidal flows, enabling the regeneration of these essential habitats. As a result, the project not only generates blue carbon credits, mitigating climate change, but also promotes biodiversity credits by preserving and enhancing the rich ecological diversity of the salt marshes. This transformative effort demonstrates a deep commitment to conservation and sets an inspiring example for future coastal restoration initiatives in Maryland.

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