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Costa Rica’s Coastal Guardian: A blue carbon initiative

In the lush coastal region of Costa Rica, a remarkable mangrove restoration project is underway, offering hope to both local communities and the environment. Recognized as a pioneering blue carbon initiative, the project aims to rehabilitate degraded mangrove ecosystems and harness their incredible capacity to sequester carbon. By planting and nurturing mangrove seedlings in areas affected by deforestation and degradation, the project not only restores a crucial habitat for marine diversity, but also helps mitigate climate change by capturing and storing significant

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Coralis Resort: An ecological refuge for coral conservation in Mexico

Coralis Resort, an ecological jewel on the beaches of Mexico City, is dedicated to restoring marine corals to revitalise biodiversity and offer a preserved tourist experience. Working with scientific experts and specialist organisations, the hotel is restoring damaged coral reefs by cultivating and replanting local fragments. Awareness-raising activities are offered to guests, including guided excursions and interactive workshops. Coralis Resort is also committed to environmentally friendly practices, using sustainable materials and renewable energy, and implementing waste management and water conservation initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

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