Simplify and promote access to new financing methods

Our services
for marine impact projects

Thanks to our expertise in the marine environment and the mechanisms of the blue economy, we are able to promote new financing roadmaps.

Project sourcing and eligibility diagnosis
Assessing the impact of marine projects and monitoring impact indicators
Project certification or certification support
Developing a roadmap for investment solutions
Guaranteed security and traceability of data and investments
Issuance and distribution of blue carbon credits and certificates

Our services for blue finance investors

We implement financing methods specific to marine projects (carbon credits, impact investments, biodiversity contributions, etc.).

Aligning your project portfolio with your ESG objectives
Measuring the impact of projects on the marine environment
Analysis of non-financial indicators
Project evaluations via the platform
Verification of project data
Data security via blockchain

Nos services
& solutions aux Porteurs de projets à impact marins

Grace à notre expertise du milieu marin et des mécanismes de l’économie bleue nous favorisons de nouvelles roadmap de financement.

Sourcing et diagnostic d’éligibilité des projets
Évaluation de l’impact des projets marins et Suivi d’indicateurs d’impact
Certification ou accompagnement à la certification des projets
Élaboration d'une feuille de route pour des solutions d'investissement
Garantie de la sécurité et de la traçabilité des données et des investissements
Délivrance et distribution de crédits carbone bleu et de certificats

Our 3 categories of marine impact projects

Blue carbon contribution

EverSea sources projects to protect and restore these habitats, provides tools to assess the climate benefits of these projects, and enables private and public players to invest in carbon credits to support NetZERO objectives.

Blue carbon is the carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems. Blue carbon ecosystems include seagrass beds, tidal marshes and mangroves. They are among the most powerful carbon sinks in the biosphere and play an essential role in mitigating climate change. Their protection is essential for the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere.

Marine biodiversity contribution

EverSea offers marine biodiversity footprint reduction units through marine habitat conservation projects. Projects are evaluated by EverSea through a secure scientific protocol, traceable and transparent from the platform.

The oceans are one of the world’s major reservoirs of biodiversity. They make up over 90% of the planet’s habitable space, and are home to some 250,000 known species, as well as many others that have yet to be catalogued.

Pressures that have a negative impact on marine biodiversity also compromise the planet’s ability to function properly and provide the services we need to survive and thrive.

Pollution reduction

We believe in supporting projects that reduce the amount of waste and pollutants entering the oceans, in support of the circular economy. We help organizations (companies, donors, impact investors) to get in touch with project leaders working towards better waste collection. We offer solutions for assessing the impact of actions on the marine environment, as well as solutions for financing projects based on the effectiveness of the actions implemented.

Marine pollution is the presence of waste in the oceans, resulting from the release of excessive quantities of toxic products into the environment by human activities, or from waste abandoned by man on the land, which pollutes rivers and eventually ends up in the seas.

Our support for your project

Our support for your projects enables us to contribute to your needs in the 3 areas of impact.

  • Evaluation of conservation projects
  • Enhancing the value of conservation actions
  • Conservation strategy advice
  • Project management and results monitoring
  • Investor relations
  • EverSea project eligibility procedure
  • Impact measurement and certification
  • Project financing roadmap
  • Investor contribution strategy
  • Blockchain security