Cleaning up the Mekong: massive collection of plastic waste

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12 January 2015 - 28 August 2025

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The « Clean up the Mekong » project aims to combat plastic pollution along Vietnam’s Mekong River. Special boats and an NGO dedicated to environmental protection are involved in this initiative. A coalition of local and international NGOs is working together to clean up the river and encourage sustainable change in plastic waste management. Boats specially designed for the river environment are equipped with collection nets and integrated sorting systems to efficiently collect and separate waste. Volunteer programs are also set up, enabling local residents to take part in the clean-up and reinforce their commitment to preserving their environment. Once the waste has been collected, the NGO works with local partners and specialist recycling companies to ensure that the plastic waste is properly managed. Recovered materials are sorted, recycled and transformed into reusable products, reducing demand for new plastics and helping to preserve the Mekong’s fragile ecosystem.

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